Join Qivana and Reap Many Benefits

Positives to Join Qivana

1.) Freedom – You are going to be able to work from home and set your own hours if you were to join Qivana. You will never again need to answer to anyone and you are going to be able to reap the benefits from the compensation that you are going to be given if you decide that you want to sell these products. You will receive commissions for what you sell personally; however, you can also build a distribution network that you will receive commissions on as well. The company will pay up to 50% in commissions back to IBOs that join Qivana. This is fantastic when you consider you don’t even need to worry about overhead, supply, distribution, payroll or any of the traditional business headaches.

2.) Make Friends & Make a Difference – Just think about all of the different individuals that you are going to meet if you are to join Qivana. The more you learn about the product lines and the more clients that you obtain, the more you are going to make. Also, you will be gaining friendships that are going to last forever, because you are helping people change their lives and lead longer, healthier and happier lives thanks to you.

3.) Be a part of a growing industry – When you stop and think about it, you are going to find that every business must start somewhere. You might not think that this is the best place for you to be at this time in your life. You might not think that if you join Qivana you are going to be able to make much money. But, how are you going to feel when this company becomes the next industry leader and you missed out on a great opportunity?

4.) Car program – Based on how you grow your business you will begin to move through the ranks and as you do you will have the opportunity to also take advantage of the company’s car program. You will be able to take advantage of a Mercedes or a BMW option. Just imagine how nice it will be driving around in one of these new cars for doing a good job.

Read This First If You’re Still Skeptical

Once you are a member you might get overwhelmed and a little confused because there is a lot of information available. Not to worry though because everything is laid out in a step by step format. Everything inside the member’s area is very well organized and it’s very easy to navigate around.

There is a lot that is offered in the member’s area. Here is some of that you’ll get if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate.

– Training Center – Here you get all the training you need whether you are just starting out or at a more advanced level as an internet marketer.

– Tools Section – This is where they provide a variety of internet marketing tools such as website builders, keyword research tool, cloaking tool, etc.

– Hosting – They have free unlimited hosting for all the website you create as long as you’re a WA member.

– WAbinars – These are live training webinars that anyone can join. If you miss one, that’s okay because they record each one.

– Bonuses – You will get a variety of bonuses to expand on your training including two accreditation courses.

There is quite a bit that is offered for any who wants to join Wealthy Affiliate and I only listed a few. Kyle and Carson designed the Wealthy Affiliate to help you take action so that you will succeed. They understand that many people have other obligations other than being a Wealthy Affiliate member so they also included the “30 Day Success Club.”

What is the “30 Day Success Club?”

This is a course that will be sent to you via email. You will receive a daily task schedule each day for 30 days. The tasks only take a few hours a day to complete. If you fall behind, then don’t worry because there are also rest days in there as well. I didn’t have this course when I first became a member but Kyle and Carson put this course up so anyone can join not just new members. So if you ever wanted to take the course again in the future you can.

The Wealthy Affiliate Forum

This is a private forum only available to members who join Wealthy Affiliate. There are many people including Kyle and Carson on the forum that will be more than happy to assist you if you have any questions. Members consider the forum to be one of the best forums there is related to internet marketing. They say that the forum itself is worth more than the price of just being a member. I have learned a lot about internet marketing not only from the information provided in WA but also the forum as well. I believe that the forum is probably one of the key components why many of the WA members earn a 6 figure a year income and these people are just “average joe everyday people.”